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Ramblings of a Humble Monk... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Don't Ignore Us [Jun. 22nd, 2006|11:01 am]
[Current Location |My Office]
[mood |guiltyguilty]
[music |This Song]

I was inspired by recent events to write a song. So I did. I think it sounds pretty when sung, but what the hell do I know about anything, anyways?

Don't Ignore Us

Raised by our family, then what comes after
Is friendship and revery, and good times and laughter
Relationships grow deep into the ages
We've all read the story. We've all turned the pages.
Then tell me at what point did I let this happen?
Those close become further, turbulence from tandem!
And all that we wish for is to be forgiven
When loved ones are crying, however can we call this living?

So tell me...

What do we hold dear?
Hold dearest and nearest
What is it that we fear?
And why do we fear this?
As we go down the paths that life lays before us
We walk hand in hand, in harmony like a chorus
...So please don't ignore us.

Familiar faces are now turned away
Where once you were welcome, you can no longer stay
Mistakes that were made cannot be undone
You can think this over while you are alone.
Everything is changing, what did you expect
Why should they be forced to tolerate neglect!
It tears at them strongly, but still not as much
As it hurts yourself to be estranged from their touch.

So tell me...

What do we hold dear?
Hold dearest and nearest
What is it that we fear?
And why do we fear this?
As we go down the paths that life lays before us
We walk hand in hand, in harmony like a chorus
...So please don't ignore us.

All we have is
Those who love us
When you lose them
Then you will discover...

Don't let them go. Find them and hold fast
Don't let them become memories of the past
And while they are with you, be you in their service
I mean after all, don't they all deserve this?
Let's not let precious things simply dissolve
There should be no problem we cannot resolve.
Just remember, come what may, I'll love you forever
Forgive me for ever allowing our closeness to sever...

I'll tell you...

Those things we hold dear,
Hold dearest and nearest
To lose them is our fear!
We all need to hear this.
So now walk down the paths that life lays before us
Let's walk hand in hand, in harmony like a chorus
...How could they ignore us...
...They're still waiting for us...
...How could you ignore us...

~Devon .M. Scott
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few and car apart [Apr. 25th, 2006|10:44 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |My Office]
[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |Some Muzak]

At the risk of being cliche...

New brake pads: $45

New Battery: $62

New Alternator: $154

Bringing your car back to the autocenter you decided to spite by fixing the car yourself only for them to tell you you messed up and fixing it this time will be $350 more...: Priceless
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On the tip of my tongue... [Apr. 23rd, 2006|03:04 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |My living room]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Who's t3h Boss Theme]

So I spent the last 2 hours or so hanging out with my friends in a diner trying to remember old opening tunes from myriad 80's shows. I think I was winning with largest database of lyrics, and then my friend Richard trumped me with the lyrics for the M*A*S*H theme. defy_n_gravity then through me for a loop completely by asking me to remember the theme from "Who's the Boss", which I knew, just not at the time. After completely racking my brains all I could come up with was the tune from Cheers. I had failed...

She later managed to provide me with this link when I arrived home. I felt ridiculous, but was no longer pounding my memory to produce the theme...

On a side note, the supervising producer for the show was name "Bud Wiser." How hot a name is that to have at a party?

"Oh, hey there, girls. How about we head to the bar and have a couple of drinks. Or we can go back to my place and get you drunk on a little Bud Wiser?"

On a side side note, check out my new user icon defy_n_gravity made for me. It's an inside joke, so it is probably only really funny to me...
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Is something missing? [Apr. 22nd, 2006|08:29 pm]
[Current Location |My living room]
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |Kaleidoskop - Marc-Andre Hamelin]

I sit here in wait. I anticipate it. And I wish for it. But what is it?

I am a happy person. It is my nature. It is my way. But this feeling, is this depression?

Something's missing. I know it is. And though I know it, I still don't know it.

Uncharacteristic of me. How very so. To not be content with all I have.

Surely it must be a sin. Greed or envy? Lust or gluttony? To want more than I need.

And so I sit. Writing in stream of conciousness. Waiting to be pleased with things again.

Make no mistake. I'm still happy. Just not fulfilled. I think that's a first.

I sit here in wait. I anticipate it. And I wish for it. But what is it?
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I'm finally smiling... [Apr. 21st, 2006|02:15 pm]
[Current Location |My office]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |My phone beeping]

Reaction of the Week

Let it first be said that my week has been difficult. Between trying to clean up from last week's professional blunders and working on my car at every chance I have (the chances come often, cuz the car keep breakin') I'm a little drained and burnt out. On top of that, this week happens be be the deadline for several projects, so I've been working way over my cope morning, noon, and night to try to catch up with them. Not to mention the effort I'm putting into finding a suitable female companion for myself...

There, I've complained and whined enough...Now for the fun...

I walk into the bank today over my lunch hour, for today is pay-day and I had indeed gotten paid. The thing about banks is, I'm not sure about everyone else, but I for one am always cautious because you never know when some weirdo is going to come in and do something crazy or stick up the place. I suppose I feel that way about all large public places. Either way, if anyone else in that bank felt that way, then their klaxons went off for sure because today I was looking very suspicious: young black man dressed in all black and gray wearing a thick hooded winter sweater with the hood over his head in 85 degree weather (for those of you wondering, despite the heat as of late I have been freezing, so I decided to clothe myself warmly).

At any rate I walk into the bank, fill out my deposit slip, and wait in line. The teller calls me up, and so I go to her. "How are you," I ask her, to which she replies, "I'm well. How are you?" I return the answer in kind. As she takes my slips and check, I suddenly look at her intently, as if though deeply concerned. I then look about, such that it seems I am trying to look at the air itself, and then return my gaze to hers. With a confused look on my face, I suddenly say to her, "Is this the fifth dimension?"

"Huh?" she says, almost equally confused.

"Is this ... the fifth dimension? Yes, yes, I do think it is..." The bewildered look on my face no doubt depicted distraction, confusion, and intent seriousness.

She barely has the wherewithall to utter another "Huh" at this point and she looks at me with a gaze of fear I can only hope and pray I one day instill in my enemies. I begin to pop back into reality and I can almost feel her hand reaching for the panic button under her desk. Immediately I catch the misunderstanding. I look to her and explain myself.

"Oh, no, I mean this song. Is this sung by the Fifth Dimension? I really like it and just wanted to make sure."

Blink. Blink. "Ooohhh! Oh no, I don't know. The music is so low, I can barely hear it." She sighs a deep and delightful sigh of relief.

I apologize. "You must have been so confused. You looked legitimately frightened. You must have thought I was completely crazy! I'm sorry, that wasn't my intent."

I thanked her, wished her a good weekend, got into my car, and laughed so completlely hysterically that I must have indeed looked crazy again, only this time in the parking lot. Her reaction brightened my day, nay, my life, and I am entirely too anxious to let everybody know. It's not much of an event, but after my week, it was a nugget of gold!
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Busier than normal day, but almost none of it spent at work [Apr. 17th, 2006|11:45 pm]
[Current Location |My Living Room]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |King Kong OST]

And here was my day:

6:15a - Wake up. Go back to sleep.
7:01a - Wake up for real. Wash face. Get dressed. Eat cream of wheat.
7:34a - Out of "wake up" pills. Still tired as hell. Go to work.
7:45a - Arrive at work. Read Email.
8:14a - Actually start working. Code project for Presenter's Club website.
9:40a - Get problem ticket. Begin to troubleshoot. Place it on to-do list
11:30a - Go to doctor to pick up meds so I can wake up and concentrate at work
11:48a - Hit the mall for some Chic-fil-a after picking up prescription
12:10p - Drop Meds off at Pharmacy
12:27p - Eat chicken sandwich at coworker's house
12:50p - Head back to work. On road notices vehicle's dash going crazy and radio acting the fool.
12:53p - Pull over in conveniently placed Advanced Auto Parts
1:15p - Get battery replaced
1:20p - Find out Alternator is dead
1:30p - Walk to pharmacy, pick up prescription. Walk back to auto parts
1:45p - Hang out with convenient mechanic named Curry in Advanced parking lot while he replaces my alternator
2:45p - Still trying to take out device
3:10p - Get coworker to drive me to office to try and get *some* work done
4:10p - Leave work early via sister's car to *finally* pick up tax info from accountant
4:43p - Find out I owe about $300 to Ol' Uncle Sam. Mail in forms and check.
5:10p - Get back to Advanced. Pick up car. Pay Curry
5:22p - Pick up groceries
5:34p - More tedious errands
5:55p - Get home. Power is out and flickering. Sister still has laptop I left in her car. Stare at ceiling
6:30p - Stare at online bank account. Cry at missing $600 from recent automotive repair. Thinks "I still need a tune up"
8:00p - Begin coding games for Animazement
10:00p - Watch King Kong remake
11:45p - Writes log of Day's events *present day, present time*
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Brake or bust [Apr. 16th, 2006|07:56 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |Living Room]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Tummy Grumbling]

Ah, ha! My rather intelligent friend, Sparks, told me that I could save money by changing my own brakes. So I said, "Oh?" and he said, "Yeah!" So then I said "Okay!" He, his father, and I changed them today and turned an alleged $500 job to a $55 something job of automotive fun and hanging out and what not.

I feel so awesome! No more squeaky wheels...plus, the $450 saved duckets...

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It's that time again [Apr. 14th, 2006|11:54 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |My living room]
[mood |energeticenergetic]
[music |The Four Tops - Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch]

It's time to move on. I choose somewhat arbitrary times throughout my life to leave behind things that are extraneous in my life. This includes actions, interests, obsessions, habits...

This isn't a changing, but a trimming. This is the time when I move on from things that leave me in a rut. Time to stir the stagnant waters...

I expect a stronger Devon to result from this.
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Self [Apr. 14th, 2006|11:23 am]
Today, for no other reason than I am breathing, I am pleased with myself completely.
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Ideals and self growth [Apr. 13th, 2006|12:40 am]
[mood |mellowmellow]

Going your days. Grow up.

I try to find some piece of mind
through fears so feirce, through layers of time
It takes its toll, but self control will keep me strong.
...Now left behind...

Now left behind, the past. So fast
did memories that passed at last
cease their haunting. I've been wanting for so long.
...The shadow's cast...

The shadow's cast, so hard to see
the real me, who I can be.
With vision blurred and sight obscurred, I can't escape.
...Yet to be free...

Yet to be free from who I was.
Is who I am still me? Because
I've yet to grow from what I know. Still need to shape
my rules, my laws...
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